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Patriotic Postcards

In the early 20th century, postcards were primarily used for communication, offering an affordable and efficient way for people to send short messages and greetings. They were often used for personal correspondence, holiday greetings, and sharing travel experiences. The postcard craze reached its peak during the "Golden Age of Postcards" (circa 1898 to 1915). Millions of postcards were sent and collected annually, and it was common for people to have extensive postcard collections.

For Armenians, postcards were not merely a means of communication but also a form of documentation and a symbol of connection for Armenians scattered around the world. As the golden era of postcards coincided with the Armenian national awakening, postcards were also used as tools for political expression. They would often carry subtle about Armenian national identity, resilience, and the struggle for rights and recognition. This was crucial in the context of increasing political mobilization.

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